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Updated on 3/16/2013

Dear valued customers,

Our expanded inventory is available this spring with many new cultivars not listed due to low numbers in inventory. Be sure to check our complete listing, "Holdings List" and as always, give a shout if there is something your interested, we may very well have it in stock. Plants not in stock may be reserved/ordered and will arrive as soon as they becomes available later in the season, or perhaps the following season for larger sizes. Best to All

Thanks for your patience while we update our website and list our expanded inventory with lots more plants becomming available during the summer season. We ship successfully to all parts of the country during the summer by monitoring for extremes in heat in your locale, and delaying shipments until the heat wave has past... usually not exceeding a 2 week delay. Shipping to Western States (most states West of Rockies) are suspended until furthur notice.

You may want to take advantage of our flat rate shipping options by selecting 3 or more plants of like sizes. You may be charged the full shipping rate at checkout, but will be issued a prompt refund when your order is processed.

3 or more plants anywhere East of the Mississippi
3.5 inch & 1/3 gallon - $3.00 each
1 gallon - $8.00 each
1/2 gallon - $6.00 each
Sorry, 2 gallon at cost

Dormant plants will be shipped at any time if so requested, otherwise shipping for the most Southerly zones begins:

March for USDA zone 9 (FL and the Gulf Coast)
April for zone 8, (Warmer areas of TX, MI, LA, AL, GA, and SC)
Late April/Early May for zone 7, (Warmer areas of TX, OK, AK, TN, KY, NC, VA, MD, and DE)
Late May for zone 6, (Warmer areas of OH, ID, KS, Il, PA, NY, NJ, CT, RI and MA)
June for Zone 3,4, 5

Please note that some plants may still be somewhat dormant earlier in the season, but will soon resume vigorous growth as they adjust to your climate. Also plants shipping in the fall have begun to go dormant and as such, their foliage will appear a bit natty and worn out.

For items not shown in the online store, see our "Holdings List" and address requests via email for a prompt confirmation/reply, or see the 3.5" plant section in the online store.

Orders placed later than Monday (Tuesday for the Northeast) will be shipped the following calendar week and will arrive fully insured for any shipping mishaps via USPS Priority. You will receive a confirmation email upon shipment with planting and cultural suggestions. We guarantee all plants to be healthy and true to name upon arrival. Subsequent mishaps may be issued a credit at our discretion.

Please be aware that many cultivars (macrophylla and serrata types) will not flower often or consistently without adequate winter protection in USDA zones 4, 5, and 6, though they may all be successfully grown in containers/large pots given proper winter shelter/care. Zone charts are available on the website's homepage or at: http://www.usna.usda.gov/Hardzone/ushzmap.html A list of hardy cultivars known to perform well in USDA zones 3, 4, 5, and 6 are suggested as best choices for our Northern areas.

The smaller 2" plants will require some care and patience to establish in a landscape. We suggest re-potting them before planting out in a garden setting, and providing winter protection in the colder areas. Lack of water for any length of time, or exposure to freezing temperatures, roving dogs, hungry bunnies, and wayward children will usually result in undesired results. 3" starter plants, or the larger 1 gallon size, may be the better choice for those unable to provide adequate protection and care. A sheltered site with partial shade will generally be appreciated. Consistent watering or irrigation, and occasional feeding should result in a fully established landscape plant (3') 2-3 seasons from planting, with the cultivar's full adult size potential by year 4-5. They are ideal for ornamental usages such as container gardens and bonsai, as well as an economical alternative for experienced gardeners wishing to indulge themselves with a wide variety of cultivars to grace their greenscapes.

Thanks, & Have a Great Day!

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