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Coming soon,,, The Quest

We will be sharing our progress and breeding secrets with our readers in our pursuit of the long sought after "Yellow Hydrangea" as well as an Orange colored cultivar.

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Monday, April 1, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Becoming Hydrangea: The Wild History of a Popular Garden Plant

Larry Hufford, Ph.D.,
Plant Systematics and Evolution, Washington State University

Very large hydrangea Bush


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The larger of the two Hydrangea macrophylla type plants pictured on the lower left is a unique plant that suppresses the expression of the delphinidin genes that are responsible for blue, purple, and red pigmentation, while allowing for the expression of green and creamy yellow pigments. We will cross with a cultivar known for it's novel colored flowers in the yellow-orange range which are never truly seen as pure due to the masking affect of the delphinidin pigments. Both have mophead type blooms with excellent blooming characteristics.
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miniature hydrangea in hand
Postcard of girl and a very large hydrangea Bush

Two canidates for this years breeding trials now buddding to avoid unwanted cross pollination

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